Fight for Your Right to Cycle!

style-front-wheelCycling for pleasure and for transport is a right that everyone in the Bradford District should be able to enjoy. However, there are challenges for cycling and cyclists in some areas. A lot of the progress that has been made over the years is as a result of people who get involved in promoting cycling in the region, offering their skills, or in campaigning for cycling locally and more broadly.

Some of the more obvious ways that you can help promote cycling and the interests of cyclists in the region are mentioned below.

  • Engage with consultations through B-Spoke a body that liaises with the council to enable better cycling provision
  • Join the Bradford Cycling Campaign grassroots organisation aiming to make Bradford a “City of Cycling”
  • Report Infrastructure, pot-hole and other concerns and other infrastructure issues to the appropriate people
  • Write to your MP/Local Counsellor to show your support for cycling
  • Support Sustrans in the area (e.g. become a volunteer)
  • Join a cycling interest group and volunteer to help – this could be through helping kids get on a bike or whatever you like! ┬áCheck out some of the links from this site to find out about various clubs and organisations in the region.

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