Red car Parked on double yellow blocking bike laneThere are issues you may encounter as a cyclist that need some attention from authorities such as the council or the police. These can range from a pothole or glass in the road through to anti-social driving. It is worth logging and reporting issues using the links below.

If you’re interested in more generally furthering the cause of cycling in the district, the Bradford Cycling Campaign is a grassroots campaign you should join. 

Broken Glass or Obstructions in Cycle Lanes or Roads

You can report a number of transport and road issues from the Council website

Reporting options include:

Emergency obstructions (i.e. an immediate danger to life and limb) can be telephoned in by ringing 01274 431000

The Police (Report Illegal or Dangerous Driving)

You can contact the non-emergency police by ringing 101 and pressing option 3 for the Bradford District Road Safety Campaign (Operation Steerside), or alternatively calling 01274 373968 and leaving a message.  Provide contact details, date/time/location & vehicle details. All calls are dealt with in confidence.

For serious incidents where there has been an accident or serious threat to life and limb which is ongoing, call 999.

Every neighbourhood in West Yorkshire has its own dedicated policing team (  You can contact the team via telephone or email, or attend one of their local public meetings, to discuss neighbourhood issues. Your NPT may also be on Facebook or Twitter (

Report a Pothole

There is an easy to use form on the Bradford Council’s website to do this.  When you report a pothole they need to know the street name, the type of surface and the size of the pothole.

Report Illegal Parking

This is straightforward to report but given the offending vehicle may not be there by the time it’s investigated you don’t always get an immediate result.  You might want to note the details of the vehicle or even take a photo of it.

Highlight Bad Highway Design or Infrastructure Concerns

BSpoke: Bradford has a consultation forum where cycling groups the public and council representatives meet to discuss cycling issues in the district.  You can join BSpoke Forum consultations on new developments and road alterations.

The Bradford Cycling Campaign has an open document where you can add issues you think need addressing.  The Bradford Cycling Campaign is a grassroots group which anyone interested in furthering the cause of cycling in the district should join. They have a Facebook group and regularly meet to discuss important issues for cyclists.  

City-Connect: If you experience issues with the City-Connect facilities, such as the Leeds-Bradford Superhighway, the City Connect team would like to hear from you.  Positive feedback also welcome!

Sustrans: If your issues are experienced on the Sustrans supported National Cycle Networks, you may also like to contact them.

Contact your counsellor or MP: As with all issues, you can write to your counsellor or MP – find their details