Bradford Capital of Cycling Day

Join us on Friday 22nd September at Bradford Capital of Cycling – Hall Ings, BD1 5SD for an evening talk from Inspirational Speaker, round the world cyclist Imran Mughal. 

Pot luck food – bring a dish/drinks.  Find out what the Capital of Cycling hub is all about.

This will follow a ‘volunteer day of action’ in the Capital of Cycling hub, including a bike stripping workshop, building help and a public bike maintenance workshop with Ping Pong!

Bradford Cycling Campaign. invites a welcome to all cycling clubs and organisations in district to be represented and share their materials.  Bradford Cycle Club will be leading a spin session for anyone who wants to warm up.

Evening Film Screening: Bikes vs Cars

Running Order

10:30 – Volunteer Action – Bike Stripping and Building improvements

12:30 – Pot luck lunch

2pm – Public Fix and learn workshop

4:30 – Light the BBQ and prep food (all welcome)

6pm – Cycling organisations and clubs network with guests – Pot luck food and bring a bottle (e-mail if you want a space)

7pm – Talk from Imran Mughal 

7:45pm – Film Screening – “Bikes vs. Cars

Bradford Capital of Cycling – Hall Ings, BD1 5SD

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Network with other cycling organisations in the Capital of Cycling Events space, bring your own bottle. E-mail to book a space.