There are actually not very many bike hire shops in Bradford.  However, there are a wide range of clubs and activity sessions where you can often borrow a bike.  You can also buy a bike very cheaply from one of the second hand shops in Bradford – and (even sell it back to them when you’ve had enough!)


bike-library-logoUse a Bike Library

There are currently three Yorkshire Bank sponsored bike libraries in the Bradford area.  The most central one is Trident Bike Library in BD5, but there’s also one in University Academy, Keighley and BeCycling also runs one in Bingley.

These organisations let you borrow bikes and offer training and led rides as well. Check out the links above. This is a great way to get started cycling or to get your kids started.

Borrow a Bike From a Club or Cycling Organisation

There are dozens of cycling organisations, clubs, youth groups and so on in the Bradford district that have small fleets of bikes.  When you sign up with them or turn up to one of their events, they are often more than happy to lend you a bike if you don’t have one.

Many individual cycling enthusiasts are happy to just see people on a bike instead of in a car, and want to see as many young people as possible taking up cycling.  It’s worth asking around – someone might lend you one!

You could start by taking a look at our Clubs and Groups pages.

University of Bradford and College Bike Hub

Bradford Bike Hub LogoIf you happen to be a student or staff member at either The University or Bradford College, you can make use of their great Bike Hub service

The Bike Hub offers both bike rental and repairs.  You can hire a bike for the whole semester for a tiny fee.  They have even been known to lend them out for free.  The idea is really to get more people out of their cars and involved in active travel  The Bike Hub also offers help with cycling related matters, including maintenance classes and more.

They’re located opposite J.B.Priestley Library, University of Bradford, BD7 1DP

You can get them on Facebook or Twitter @BradfordBikeHub