There are fantastic schemes in the Bradford District offering cycling training for school kids, encouraging kids to cycle to School and teaching them to be safe. The evidence is clear – active kids are healthy kids who achieve better outcomes at School and beyond. The benefits to the communities around the Schools are also clear – more kids and parents using active travel means better air quality, quieter roads and safer, more pleasurable school runs.

Sustrans Active Travel Schools Scheme

Kids bike ridingThis project aims to engage whole schools to change travel behaviour away from the car and towards more active and sustainable travel choices. The project intensively engages a small number of schools each academic year who receive 9 days of Sustrans Officer time and resources.

This project is offered FREE to Bradford schools; in return schools must complete survey data about current travel behaviour. Activities on offer range from curriculum based lessons to scooter skills, cycle skills and bike rides. The schools can work with their Sustrans Officer to personalise a plan of activities for individual schools.

If you are interested in this project please contact or

Sustrans Learn to Balance/Learn to Ride

A great project for Early years and Foundation educational settings. Over one academic term, the school is loaned 4 balance bikes, 2 pedal bikes and all associated safety equipment. A Sustrans school officer will then work with between 1 and 4 members of school staff to train them to deliver balance bike and learn to ride sessions.

At the end of the term access to discounted equipment will be available. If you are interested in this project please contact or

Becycling also offer some limited Learn to Ride and Balance Bike sessions, particularly in the school holidays. For more information visit (Chris Armstrong /


Bikeability Training

Woman helping child fit a bike helmetBikeability is the national standard in children’s cycle training as offered by paid professional cycle trainers. Bikeability is usually offered via your child’s school. In Bradford District this offer is usually a combined Bikeability Level 1 and Level 2 offer. Level 1 is based around basic bike handling skills learnt in a playground based context and Level 2 is on road training, helping children to understand cycling in a real world context.

Bradford also sees a small amount of Level 3 delivery where older children (up to 14) are taught more advanced skills in busier and more complex on road contexts. If you are interested in Bikeability you should firstly ask at your children’s school to see if it is offered.

If you have any other queries please contact or 01274 432880

Cycle Skills Training

Bradford Council also offer a Cycle Skills Training course through schools. The key differences from Bikeability is that this course is playground based only and is run by a volunteer from the school’s staff, parents or governor body. For more information please contact