A Leisure Route at the Green Edge of the City

Credit: Tong Fulneck Valley Association

Below is a route you can enjoy at your own pace and is particularly scenic once you join the country lanes. A Route Around the Rim of the Tong and Fulneck Valley takes you around and through the beautiful Tong and Fulneck Valley, a hidden gem and a precious green oasis between Bradford and Leeds.

From / To: historic Tong Village, East Bradford
Distance: 10 miles (9 miles via the short cut)
Type: cycle lanes, suburban roads, country lanes
Access: both ends of Tong Lane are served by bus routes

Start at historic Tong Village, where archaeological remains have been found which date as far back as the 1st Century A.D. For refreshments, you might wish to call in at The Greyhound for a drink and a delicious home cooked meal, or at Goodalls of Tong, to sample their dozens of flavours of ice cream, made on site from their own farm dairy.

Set off North East along Tong Lane, then turn left onto Roker Lane. This leads to Fulneck, where there is a Moravian Settlement that was founded in 1744. Many of the buildings in the village are listed and a number of musical events are held in the chapel.

Continue North West through Pudsey along Fartown, Greenside, Upper Moor, Waterloo Road and Galloway Lane. This leads to Bradford Road, where you will turn left to join the cycle superhighway, a dedicated cycle lane. Follow this to Thornbury Gyratory.

Now head South West along Dick Lane, where there is also a cycle lane along one side. You will cross the bridge over the main train line between Bradford and Leeds, before eventually arriving at the left turn onto Tyersal Lane.
Once you continue onto Ned Lane – the Countryside appears! You are now entering the beautiful Tong Fulneck Valley. You might wish to pause, to take in the breathtaking views. Part way down Ned Lane, you will see Black Carr Woods over to the left, a historic Oak Woodland and home to many species of flora and fauna.

Ned Lane turns into Holme Lane – and now you have a choice. You can choose Raikes Lane, for an extended tour through the countryside and a 1 mile short cut, or continue along Holme Lane and then take Denbrook Avenue, which leads to Westgate Hill Street.

Raikes Lane becomes New Lane, which leads back to Tong village. If you chose Westgate Hill Street, continue East over the roundabout, then turn left onto Tong Lane. You might wish to have a quick drink at the Six Acres before getting back on your bike for the final push. Tong Garden Centre also has a
nice café.

On the way back into Tong Village, you will see Tong Hall and then St James’ Church on the left. There are some medieval stocks by the church, which are always good for a photo opportunity! Finally, you are back in the heart of Tong village, where you can have a well-earned drink – you’ve done it!



Click here to download a map of the route (OpenStreetMap and contributors)